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How much does a visit cost?

A visit to EnviroSort is completely free and we might even be able to support transport costs.

What will we see and do?

We are an operational facility, sorting household recycling collected from across Worcestershire and Herefordshire.  There is a platform, inside the plant, overlooking the Materials Reclamation Facility (MRF) and we have an Education Room which is used for classroom activities. 

The plant operates within a closed environment and noise is kept to a minimum.  The viewing platform can sometimes be noisy but hearing protection will be made available should you require it..  Even though we are a ‘waste facility’ we process clean, dry recyclables which means that there is no offensive odour.

The visitors entrance is sited away from the operational area, with the coach parking being the nearest to the entrance.  The operational team have a separate entrance, the visitors entrance is used by visitors and a small office team.  Entrance to the building is via secured doors — with key fob access to the admin block where the Education Room is sited available to specific individuals only.

Most visits will begin with an introduction to how the MRF works and a basic safety induction.  We will then go and see the MRF from the viewing platform and complete activities in the classroom. 

How many adults should attend the visit?

You must bring at least one adult for every six pupils on the trip.  You are welcome to bring more adults than this, should you wish.

Is there a catering available on site?

There is no catering on site so groups should bring their own lunches with them.  There is an opportunity during the day to have lunch and then explore the waste that is generated as a result.

Is there a shop on site?

There isn’t a shop on site so groups shouldn’t bring any spending money with them.

Do we need to wear anything special?

There’s no need to wear anything special – we do not enter any areas requiring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  However, please make sure that your group is wearing sensible shoes (no heels, no sandals).

How many children can you accommodate in a group?

We can accommodate upto around 30 pupils per visit (if your group is greater than this please contact our Education Officer to discuss alternative options).

Can you accommodate wheelchair users?

We can accommodate a wheelchair user as we have a lift that can access all floors and the viewing platform.  We can accommodate one wheelchair user per visit to ensure safe evacuation if required.

Is there parking available for coaches?

Yes, we have a number of bays immediately outside the building for coaches and minibuses.

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