Why Compost?

Why Compost?

Some 60% of all waste generated by households in the UK can be composted. Composting organic materials like green garden waste and vegetable peelings makes a substantial contribution towards diverting waste from landfill, and avoiding the potential for environmental pollution.

Composting is seen as a key component in local and central governments’ drives towards more sustainable waste management.

In addition to the waste management benefit, there is the ‘win-win’ effect of having a valuable product at the end of the process, as a reward for our efforts. Using composted materials in the garden improves soil fertility without the use of chemical or peat-based products, and really ‘closes the loop’ in recycling our waste into new plants.

Of course, we encourage people to compost their own kitchen and garden waste at home and there is plenty of help and information around to tell people how to do it. For useful links, see end of this page.

However, for people with larger gardens or only limited capacity for home composting, we provide a service to deal with big volumes of green waste.