Household Recycling Centres

Please be advised that sites close promptly at the time(s) stated below. If the traffic waiting to enter the site is congested, the gates will shut 15 minutes prior to closing times to allow the vehicles on site time to unload. For your convenience, therefore, it is advised that you aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before the site closes to allow time to unload.

There are 17 Household Recycling  (HRCs) across Worcestershire and Herefordshire where the public can take materials for recycling and any general/bulky domestic waste not collected by their district authority. Across the two Counties the recycling rates at these sites generally exceeds 70%. The rate is clearly indicated on a sign at each site.

We value your safety whilst you are visiting our sites and would ask you to take a minute to watch the video above before you visit.

Click on the locations below to view opening hours and range of recyclables accepted at each site.


  • Before you travel to a HRC you should think about the following:
    • Please check whether council collections of garden, bulky, or other wastes are available before travelling to a HRC. If available, you could make use of council collection services rather than travelling to a HRC.
    • Consider making use of retailer take-back services or making your old items available for immediate re-use via on-line platforms such as Freecycle or Gumtree.
    • Check the Reuse Network website to see if there are options available for small businesses or charities in your area to mend or repurpose your furniture and appliances. This may also be a good opportunity to repair, repurpose or re-use items such as old furniture or clothes yourself which you would usually throw away.
  • Disposing of waste in the wrong way damages the environment and can be illegal:
    • Please do not put things in your rubbish bin that you would normally recycle or take to the tip. There is no reason to put things in your rubbish bin that you would normally put in the recycle bin. If there is currently no service in your area to recycle electrical appliances and garden waste, please hold on to them until services resume. You can check your council website for updates.
    • You must not dispose of household waste in a way that could harm people’s health. This includes burning it - burning household waste is an offence, liable to prosecution. Please make sure that you make full use of your local authority’s waste collection services and follow local advice.
    • Don’t fly-tip or dump waste it’s a crime. Leaving items on the street or in parks, woodlands and fields is fly-tipping. This is a crime, and local authorities and the Environment Agency have a range of powers to tackle it including fixed penalties of up to £400, or prosecution. Even if you mean well, leaving items outside charity shops, or next to full recycling bins, is still fly-tipping. You can report fly-tipping to your local authority via and find out more information at
    • On your return from the HRC please remember not to touch your face and to wash your hands for 20 seconds on arrival at your destination.


    Asbestos is hazardous material so must be handled with care at all times.  Before taking asbestos to a Household Recycling Centre please double bag the asbestos, taking care not to break the pieces. 

    Don’t over fill the bags and take care not to rip them.  Asbestos can only be disposed of at the following HRC sites:

    It is advisable to ring the site ahead of travelling to ensure the container is available for use.  

    You can find the contact details for the sites on the individual pages.  For further information on the removal of asbestos, please contact your local district council.


Commercial Vehicle Trailer (CVT) Permits are required for certain vehicles visiting any Household Recycling Centres in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.  Vehicles that need to apply for a CVT permit include commercial type vehicles (including hire vans) and trailers over 1.3m internal length (excluding draw/tow bar and hitch).  Drivers of vehicles that are subject to the CVT scheme who do not present a valid permit when visiting the Household Recycling Centres will be refused entry/tipping. Vehicles which have been rented will need to present a hire agreement for the vehicle. Holding a valid CVT permit does not allow you to dispose of business waste, only waste from your own household can be disposed of at a Household Recycling Centre.  

For more information on CVT permits including a full list of the types of vehicles that require one and how to apply please visit the Councils’ web sites here: Worcestershire County Council – Herefordshire Council

The following vehicles are not allowed to access any of our Household Recycling Centres

  • Any vehicle exceeding 3.5 tonnes
  • Double axle trailer
  • Tipper vehicles

Household Recycling Centre Rules - Click here


Please note that Severn Waste Services utilise image recording equipment for the safety and protection of its staff, contractors, visitors and members of the public. This includes the use of CCTV on sites, vehicle mounted cameras and body cameras. All personal data collected is handled in line with applicable data protection law. For more information on how we use and protect your data, please read our Privacy Notice. The Data Protection Impact Assessment, Privacy Notice and CCTV & Image Recording Equipment Policy are available upon request by emailing